Friday, 2 September 2011

Android Exposed "What is an Android".

Well it certainly is not a plane or a bird but lets start by saying that Android is not an operating system (OS). Android is not a manufacturer, it is not a mobile phone or a network provider and it certainly is not an operator.
Android is a programme or is it some one called Data on a star ship known as The Enterprise. ???
Well ... to tell you the truth it is Goggle`s platform for Smartphone’s*, unlike the train station platform for us mankind.
Android has taken mankind from what they knew not to what they know so far, it is an accomplishment via a partnership between Google and Android Inc.
Android is piece software that operates, brings to life most Smartphone’s. It is the vital ingredient to spice up and enhance our cell phone handsets, quality handsets at affordable prices.
Android is what windows is to a lap top computer windows is owned by Microsoft, (they should upgrade to double glazing). Only they (Microsoft) are allowed to enhance windows and keep all the profits from its sales. Android costs less to produce any one can enhance it. It is known as the open source software meaning any one can improve it to produce better quality and superior operations.
It is a new kind of software that brings a mobile phone to life and is known as the Android.  It is not Data the Android who resides on a star ship. It is a unique piece of coding that breaths life into a mobile handset it has no copy rights and does not belong to any one.
Android is the special clay to a sculpturer, mould it in any shape or form to attain a desired result, this Android clay has us all hooked day and night, it is ruthless as far as the kids pocket money is concerned , it has the ability to clean there pockets out completely.
Basically an Android is a cigar called Hamlet that will cause the markets to crash, as it will certainly dictate price, prices will fall and the manufacturers may well go out of business.It will destroy order and competition it will cause the 2nd dip. House prices will continue to drop because it will kill all competition other avenues of glory.
We, who love to shop a bargain will make sure that it (Android ) flourishes through the years ahead, making Microsoft truly Microsoft a thing of the past as it has copy rights to windows, this  makes Microsoft lots of money.
Android is a stack, meaning that a set of programmes working together to produce a result. Just like the England cricket team who stroked India to all corners of the platform (the ground). A full pack of playing cards for those who are able to play, play to produce desired results, without paying the hefty licence fees.
Ok, well we all know how Nokia charger is different from Samsungs charger and how Blackberry mobile phone chargers are different from HTC. This is because if they made them all the same the prices will crash, the profit margins will drop and there will be no fun in producing some thing new because there would be no competition.
Google may just kill of Microsoft and we will then only have Google and we will not boldly go where no man has gone before.

*Who named them Smartphones, does it mean they wear a tie and a suit?

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